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Infinity Chapel

Located on a beachfront reserve at the northern side of the resort, Infinity is an architecturally stunning wedding venue, floating 2 meters above sea level with an ensemble of overflowing reflecting pools and marble walkways.With a ceiling height of 12m, the interior of Infinity is beautifully simple with elegant marble floors, floor-to-ceiling ocean-facing glass frontage, and a transposable seating plan that seats 60 guests.

Infinity’s simple, off-set triangle shape represents a romantic angle towards the heavens, while its physical attributes of marble, glass and steel are each metaphors for the male and female bodies and their interaction with each other as a couple.The remarkable steel-framed glass wall that makes up the north side of the triangle embodies the delicate and nurturing characteristics of the bride as she supports the equally impressive marble south side, the stoic groom.

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